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Fiction Ripples in the Waters by Lake Kawaguchi: The Tokyo Trilogy, Part I

The first part of the The Tokyo Trilogy by Jakob Halskov

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"Ripples in the Waters by Lake Kawaguchi" traces the sexual road trip of the lonely and neglected Japanese housewife, Tomoko, and the young, vibrant, and spontaneous college girl, Ai, who is her counterpart on that riveting and sensual journey. It also introduces us to the depressed and suicidal CTO, Takeda, a 'sarariman' who, having been made redundant, has lost his raison d'être and is trying to shield his family from the financial fallout of his social humiliation. Finally, readers can enjoy a suspenseful drama set in the underworld of Japanese organized crime where the fates of Shoko, an ambitious yakuza girl, and Yumiko, the daughter of a liquidity-stricken CEO, become entangled in exciting ways.

The Tokyo Trilogy contains a gallery of colourful characters, which you can read more about on these pages. They mainly star four strong women whose romantic, erotic, and suspenseful adventures we follow over ten years. The plots and characters are synergistically intertwined, and the story is told from multiple points of view.

TOMOKO: a lonely and neglected, almost asexual, housewife who gets caught up in a series of erotic encounters, mainly with a far younger female college student causing her sexuality to blossom and take on entirely new aspects.

YUMIKO: a slightly spoiled CEO daughter brutally snatched away from her privileged life as a high school student. She gets a first-hand experience with the criminal underworld of Tokyo, where she meets the yakuza girl Shoko. In the second part of the trilogy, Yumiko has become a young and successful CEO of her own lifestyle company, and she is getting romantically involved with one of her own employees, the charmingly handsome man Daisuke Nishiyama.

LINDA: a middle-aged Danish high school teacher having a bit of a midlife crisis after her children left the nest, leaving her and her husband to experiment with an open relationship to save their failing marriage. In part two, she visits Tokyo on a working holiday with the hidden agenda of experiencing the erotic underworld of the megacity firsthand to infuse her life with a new passion. Surprising even herself, she gradually falls in love with a Japanese man, and her erotic agenda turns into a classic romance Linda had never dared hope would come her way this side of the grave.

SHOKO: a sexy yakuza girl burdened by a traumatic past but building a lasting friendship with Yumiko despite their initial kidnapper-hostage relationship and widely different social backgrounds. Ambitious and persistent, she starts a slow ascent into the higher echelons of her criminal organization while befriending two young gang members who become her roommates and bedmates.

A unifying theme of the trilogy is the existential crises of its protagonists. Linda and Tomoko, for example, both end up facing momentous choices about what to do with their lives. In addition, there is the coming-of-age theme in that we follow some characters, like Yumiko and Shoko, from adolescence to adulthood.
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Jakob Halskov
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20 November 2022
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