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Culture Old Japan: Secrets from the Shores of the Samurai

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Japan has often been thought of as a closed country, but before the country was closed in 1635 many travellers from the West were able to experience its unique traditions and culture. Their accounts speak of legends of powerful dragons and devils, tales of the revered emperor and the protocol surrounding him, following complex etiquette in everything from tea ceremonies to footwear, and bloodthirsty warlords who exacted cruel and unusual punishments for the smallest of crimes. In Old Japan Antony Cummins uses these captivating eyewitness accounts to reveal fascinating facts and myths from the mysterious Land of the Rising Sun. The hidden life of Old Japan is brought to the fore using newly translated original documents from the times of the Samurai. Find out what fate befell a convicted criminal (spoiler: it wasn’t pretty); why tipping even today is very rare in Japan; what a bunch of worms meant to the taxman; and much, much more. Bringing the myth and the mystery back to this nation of islands, alongside many quirky facts, Cummins provides unrivalled history and insight on a culture as fascinating as it is unique.

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Antony Cummins is the Official Tourism Ambassador for Wakayama and the author of many books including Iga and Koka Ninja Skills, The Illustrated Guide to Viking Martial Arts and Samurai War Stories. He has appeared in documentaries such as Ninja Shadow Warriors and Samurai Warrior Queens. He lives in the UK and often travels to Japan to research warrior culture.

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Antony Cummins
The History Press
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1 November 2018
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