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Fiction No Medicine for Falling in Love: The Tokyo Trilogy, Part II

The second part of the The Tokyo Trilogy by Jakob Halskov

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No Medicine for Falling in Love: The Tokyo Trilogy, Part II

"No Medicine for Falling in Love" takes place five years after the first volume of The Tokyo Trilogy. Tomoko has left her husband and is living on her own; she is now working for Yumikowho, becoming CEO of a lifestyle company. While Tomoko is flirting with Yumiko's new female secretary, Yumiko herself is initiating a steamy office romance with one of her young male employees. Unfortunately, professional headwinds are blowing her way because she stood her ground against an influential but sexist politician, Mr Kuroda, hellbent on harassing her after being rejected. Hoping to get some help in her brush with Kuroda, she reconnects with her old yakuza friend, Shoko, who has advanced to the powerful position of senior advisor to her clan boss. This proves no trivial matter, and Shoko learns how dangerous powerful men can be when they feel slighted. A new character, Linda, is introduced. She is a middle-aged Danish high school teacher who is having a midlife crisis after her children leave the nest, leaving her and her husband to experiment with an open relationship to save their failing marriage. She decides to visit Tokyo on a working holiday with the hidden agenda of experiencing the erotic underworld of the megacity firsthand to infuse her life with a new passion. She becomes a hostess at an upscale Roppongi bar called The Library. She encounters several high-ranking Japanese VIP club members, one of whom is the Foreign Ministry Press Secretary, Tanaka. Surprising even herself, she gradually falls in love with him, and her erotic agenda turns into a classic romance with Linda baring her soul and being almost transformed by the other-worldly power of true love.

About the author:

Jakob Halskov has a university degree in Japanese and has also studied Korean. After visiting Japan and Korea in 1995, he has travelled extensively in both countries and is deeply fascinated by their cultures and languages. He has even lived in Tokyo for a couple of years, working for a Japanese company on a local contract. These experiences and interests have propelled him and provided the inspiration and motivation for writing novels set in the Far East. As his day job, Jakob works as an IT specialist in a larger Danish company. He is married, has two kids and lives in the Copenhagen area.

According to reliable sources, Jakob started typing everything from train timetables to Donald Duck's dialogues on the old family typewriter when he was only seven years old in the early 80s. In the late 90s, he struggled hard to learn how to write the almost 2,000 Chinese characters used in modern Japanese ("kanji") and experienced a bit of a breakthrough when he was finally able to read his first Murakami Haruki novel in the original language at the end of his university language training.

Since 2022 he has been writing his fiction, making his debut with "Ripples in the Waters by Lake Kawaguchi", the first volume in The Tokyo Trilogy, a cross-cultural romance starring four strong women whose suspenseful adventures we follow across the period of ten years. The plots and characters are synergistically intertwined, and the story is told from multiple points of view. Volumes two and three of the trilogy are scheduled for publication in the first months of 2023.

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Jakob Halskov
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20‎ January 2023
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