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This app should help in study in preparation of JLPT exams. Currently only a training for study JLPT words list is available but, if possible, I'll add more for study kanji and, maybe, grammar.

JLPT Words

This training allow to study official JLPT words list. Is possible to select the JLPT level to study and the combination of kanji, hiragana and meaning. Indeed the particularity of this test is to select one "target" that can be kanji, hiragana or meaning and try to select the correct combinations of other two elements (in case of target kanji you have to select corresponding hiragana reading and meaning). The selecetion of two elements is separate to force you to remember both. Following the example of target kanji if you remember the meaning but don't rebember the hiragana reading the reply is considered wrong.

Please note, the official JLPT words lists doesn't require to know corresponding kanji for all the words. However in this test I added the study of quite all the kanji also (excluded some exceptions) since is better to know also if not commonly used (I think).

If you note some wrong or incorrect translations please report me.

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