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Japanese learning essentials

An android app to kick-start your Japanese learning through common phrases and concise lessons.

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Japanese Learning Essentials' goals are to pique interest learning the Japanese Language and to give a starting point to those who are interested in learning but don't know where to start.

The app aims to provide a relaxed learning experience by offering concise lessons with adequate examples. The sections are made up of the following:
  1. Grammar - tackles the rules how sentences are put together to express a thought.
  2. Writing System - discusses the characters used to write down and represent verbal communication.
  3. Pronunciation - offers information and tips on how words should be enunciated.
  4. Phrases - gives a grasp of the language through commonly used phrases.
I'm making more content for eager learners like me so stay updated :emoji_smile:

You can check it out on Google Play. Here's the link to my app, Japanese Learning Essentials - Android Apps on Google Play


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