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Japan Inside Out (A Personally Oriented Guidebook)

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Quoted from the cover:

Our unique Tokyo-to-Kyoto itinerary visits sites in historical order, experience history where it happened.

Where & When to Drive - and Where not to.

Where to Stay - from pilgrim type antique country home to exquisite Ryokan-Japanese inn with multi-course gourmet dinners and hot mineral springs - or simple Western-style travelers' hostels to top international luxury suites.

Dine 'neath fireflies on fabulous gardens, or midst antique murals in ancient Shangri-la monastery, or from sidewalk pushcart.

Massaged beer-fed steaks to Buddhist-monk vegetarian fare.

Your personal Datebook featuring 2099 traditional festivals and events, indexed.

Editorial Reviews

From Library Journal

This husband-wife-son team (Jay, Sumi, and Garet Gluck, respectively) have lived for many years in Japan, and their tightly packed volume - revised for the first time since it initially appeared in 1964 - provides a plethora of useful and sound advice for the visitor. While most guidebooks attempt an impersonal posture, this one offers refreshingly frank, opinionated, and sometimes passionate personal comments, as well as lively explanations and descriptions of such subjects as sumo, Japanese education, and business practices.

The book is organized by region and covers not only where to go but what to do; 2099 local festival dates are given. The prose is choppy; June Kinoshita and Nicholas Palevsky's Gateway to Japan is a more polished guidebook. But the Glucks' work contains so much information (including 135 maps) that it should be almost every library's next selection for an introduction to Japan. - Harold M. Otness, Southern Oregon State Coll. Lib., Ashland

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Gluck, Jay/Gluck, Sumi/Gluck, Garet
Personally Oriented, Publishers, Ltd.
Year of publication
1989 (revised edition)
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USD 19,94

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