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Kanji Breakthrough 2022-03-14

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Mary Sisk Noguchi was a Japan Times columnist remembered for Kanji Clinic, a regular column that featured every month on the Bilingual page from 2001 and then bimonthly from 2010 until 2012. With her friendly and encouraging style, columnist Mary Sisk Noguchi helped readers unravel the complexities of Chinese characters. Sadly, she passed away on 21 December 2012. Her husband, Mitsunori Noguchi, continued to answer queries from people who find their way to Mary's Kanji Clinic website. All her Japan Times columns are archived on the JT site, along with a multitude of useful articles and links for kanji learners. Among them is a free download of Mary's "Kanji Breakthrough," a series of lessons originally published in The Nihongo Journal magazine, which ceased publication at the end of 2007.

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