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We regret to inform the members of JREF Friends that we no longer collaborate with Meta4 Group (HK) Limited, the company that provided the framework for World Friends. Japan Reference (JREF) had partnered with the affiliate network for over ten years.

Over the past few years, Meta4 Group had started to neglect its contractual obligations under the affiliate agreement and in 2014 completely stopped communicating with a large number of its affiliates, including Japan Reference (JREF). Meta4 Group also ceased to compensate its affiliate partners, owing them substantial amounts of revenue.

We would like to thank the subscribers of JREF Friends and apologise for the inconvenience this step has caused.

We kindly ask you to contact Meta4 Group directly for any questions or complaints in regard to your membership. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide you with any contact details, as all their websites known to us seem to have been taken offline.

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