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Oarai Aqua World

Oarai Aqua World

Aqua World is a 19,800 square meters aquarium in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, north of Oarai port at the mouth of the Naka River. Many varieties of sea species, especially fish, can be found in Aqua World. The fee for entry varies according to the age group. The aquarium contains 60 tanks, with a total tank volume of 4,100 cubic meters. The largest tank contains 20,000 individuals of about 80 species. The shark tank contains two species of sharks,[3] and includes a tunnel which lets visitors walk under the fish. The 270-cubic-meter sunfish tank contains 8 individual ocean sunfish.

Marine mammals at the aquarium include sea otters, California sea lions, and spotted seals. Sea birds are represented by Humboldt penguins and tufted puffins. The third floor contain the Sea Life Museum and the Ocean Information Plaza. The Ocean Theater has dolphin and whale shows, as well as an underwater viewing area. [Wikipedia]
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Oarai Aqua World
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