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open wounds can never be healed
only by the scent of your touch
can't believe the reason why I'm still here
trying to find a way >>> a way that would lead me to your heart
I can hear the words you say I can see the dreams you fake
I can hear you telling lies just to let me know that you're all that
I can see you peeking my way just to know if I'm looking back
I can make it all go away but you're now in my play
Just want to make you do your best
see what you are hear what you want in my way
you got to realize you can't be encharge
when I'm around you can't make a call unless I know
but in the end you'd know that's not me
I fake being strong coz I can't handle being wounded
and now your there by my side telling me it's all alright and if I ever left you make sure I'm dead
you said make sure I'm dead


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