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You Will Laugh About This One Day.....NOT!

I was listening to the radio the other day and they were asking the listeners to call in with their "Most Embarrassing Moments".

Here are my top 3 embarrassing moments.

There was this one time back in the 5th grade. I was playing the bass drum in the school marching band. Not because I wanted to but because I was a big boy and they didn't have anyone strong enough who could walk around with a heavy bass drum hanging from his shoulders ( and was able to keep time at the same time ).

We were supposed to play during a weekly Monday morning assembly and I was late. By the time I got to school, ran to the music room and strapped on the drum, everyone was already in the school yard and the principal had started his speech.

I ran out and as I was trying not to draw too much attention from the gathered crowd, I tripped. Remember, I had this huge drum in front of me. It was a sight!

It took a couple of teachers to help me up.

Of course, all the kids were laughing (and the teachers, too). The teachers felt bad and didn't give me too much grief about being late. They must have thought being embarrassed in front of the whole school was a punishment enough.

This next one took place in the late 90s.
I was managing a video store in Boston.
I asked out one of the regular customers that I liked. She was an Irish woman a few years younger than me.

We met at a bar in downtown Boston where a friend of mine was a bartender.

We had a beer there and I was having a great time. Then she suggested we go to this Irish Pub in the city of Canbridge across the river Charles. It was a beautiful summer night so we decided to walk. See, I am not much of a drinker. By the time we got to the Pub, I was feeling a bit....off. She was working on her secong glass of Guiness ( I was carefully sipping my first and was half way through) when I got up to go use the bathroom.

The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor right outside of the bathroom. I had passed out.

She was being very nice and got me a glass of water and even called me a cab. I was humiliated. We stayed friendly with each other after the incident but I felt so emasculated I never asked her out again.

This was about the same time period as the Guiness incident.

There was this new product that was all the rage among women. It was made by a company called Biore. It was basically a strip of paper with very strong glue on it. It looked like a band aid. What you do is put that thing on your nose, wait for a few munites and peel it off. What it does is get rid of all the fine hairs and you end up with clean pores, preventing black-heads and leaving your nose very smooth and clean.

Jennifer, a young woman that I was working with, was in love with this product and gave me one so I could try it. Although I was never the type to care about my appearance ( I have NEVER, to this day, "moisturised" any part of my body), I had seen the TV commercials for this particular product and I was just a teeeeny weeeny bit curious. In these ads, a young woman is seen peeling off the strip from her nose, looking at it, and going "OMG, it looks like a forest!!"(meaning all the hair pulled out and attached to the strip).

Jenn had instructed me to do it after I have just taken a shower.... so the next morning, I peeled off the backing and applied the strip over my nose.

30 minutes or so later, I was on a bus heading to work.

OMFG.... I forgot to peel off the strip!!!

I was busy getting ready for work back at home I totally forgot about the strip on my nose.

The bus was crowded. Like I said, this product was very popular there was no way I could just pretend it was a band aid. These women on the bus KNEW what it was!

I had to make a decision. Should I just peel it right off and get it over with? Or should I act like I knew it was there (yeah, I have a Biore nose strip on my nose...so?) ?

I went with the latter. I don't think I succeeded in looking like I knew it was there and on purpose. I bet I was all red in the face from embarrassment.

The moment I walked off the bus, I peeled the strip off and yes, it WAS like a forest.

Jenn had a good laugh when I told her. Needless to say, I never told any of my guy friends for obvious reasons.

So, those were my top 3. I am sure I have embarrassed myself plenty of times in my life and not even aware of them.

I should include on the above list a bed wetting incident at a sleep over but that one is just too painful I cannot write it.



I do sympathise however with the Guiness incident...its unfortunate that a lot of Asians (me included) can't keep up with our alcohol all that well...The one with the drum though...I think you would have won 1st prize at Funniest Home Videos if it was taped :p

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