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I'm going to start a problem word page for words that don't have a direct japanese counter-part but are easily translated incorrectly by reflex driven minds like my own anyway, for example I recently tried to translate "I have eaten" for practice and since I didn't know an equivelant phrase I tried search jisho.org for "have" and ended up with an incorrect sentence, I should have looked for "already" as in "I already ate" instead for which I just did and I believe 既(すで)に to be the correct word I should have used (feel free to correct me). Since it is near impossible to list off such words by myself I would like people to mention the unlisted words they think of or notice in comments for this post so that even if I (and others like myself) cannot kick the reflex I can just refer to this page I'm building to correctly translate it and eventually build a reflexsive association for such phrase types.


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