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Not that I can keep up having a blog as much as yumeitsumo does.
But it's not that hard to try right.
You know, more people should use the blog thingie here.
What i was going to tell you (whoever's looking...:p)
In a few minutes i have to go to my first guitar lesson. I haven't got any for about 3 weeks.
And i survived new year:win::cheer:
Haven't lost any fingers~!!!
Oh, i already used 3/4 emoticons. Pity...

2 weeks from now, the performances start on our school. (Thats a period when you have to do a little performance , alone or with a few people, in front of the class.) You get a grade for it and its a very important one.
But, since music is my favorite subject: I dont really care. (IM using my last emoticon now.)😊
IM going to play Q of Alice nine with my sister and 3 friends.
Even though we all don't play the instrument that long, it sounds kinda cool... (wanted to put a emoticon here but forgot i already used 4.)
I hope the teacher will like it , and ofcourse the others 2.

Anyway, ill try to post a blog after that.
So you can all hear how it went.~!

Bye for now


Good luck!

It's always interesting when people are doing things that is different... I dislike standard so now and then.

But it also means that some won't like it. It shouldn't stop you of course, and you should just rock the school.

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