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Why I need to go to Japan...

Read in the news today about another gangland shooting in London. A 5 year old kid was in a the victims car at the time...what?!?!?:worried:. I can`t get my head around it. The sense of mutual respect and social awareness is fading fast. I know nowhere is perfect and I`m sure Japan has its fair share of crazy **** happening, but it`s got to be better than this; http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/8289324.stm

Its the area I grew up in. I`ve got friends and family there. I wish, hope and pray this does`nt start another cycle of violence... I promise I will post some more positive blogs in future, sorry about that.:sorry:


I know how you feel, I lived in the second most dangerous city in the world. I ended up moving to Australia and I must say I am loving the freedom.

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