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When there's a difficulty...

I always try to remember this story by Michiko Inukai. I don't remember which one, but in one of her essays she remembered her childhood and her nanny. (She was born in 1921 and from a good family, she's a grand daughter of Tsuyoshi Inukai.)

When she was small, she was always afraid of going to the station, as the steam engines make such a noise and clouds of steam. When a steam engine was approaching, she could not help closing her eyes with fears.

The nanny was not well educated, but had the real wisdom, Michiko wrote. She was very good at allegory.

One day she told to little Michiko: "When there's something you think is scary, don't close your eyes, but watch it. You always close your eyes when the steam engine comes, yes it looks like a monster that makes such a big noise, but if you watch it insead, you'll see it will stop and you can ride it, it's such a convenient, great thing that will bring you many places!
Difficulties in life are the same - instead of closing your eyes and being scared, open your eyes and watch it, face it. Then you'll see what it is. And once you understand what it really is, you don't have to afraid as half as you imagined."

I also try to follow this nanny, when there's time that I feel so afraid, worried, scared. I try to be realistic, I try to take a practical approach, and tell my self not to afraid. It's not easy, but it really helps.

ナ陳「窶倍窶慊ケナスq Michiko Inukai

*Note: the above story is not exact translation as I don't have the book at hand, but what I remember from the book.
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Yes, that is most certainly a great piece of advice for all of us !! Thanks for sharing that uplifting story with us !! I'll use it. MM
The story is touching and a great example for life. Is the author translated into English? Is this a good example of her writing or is it exceptional?

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