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Wow, over the course of the past year I see Jref has changed quite a bit. When I stopped posting here roughly one year ago this forum was lively and had a lot of discussions going on between different people from all over the world.

I dont think it is my imagination but it seems that fewer and fewer people are posting here in comparison to the past. It is disappointing to me.

I went away for personal reasons, but when I took my sabatical I felt rather comfortable knowing that Jref would always be here and some place that I "knew" I could always come back to.

I wonder are we all witnessing the end?


I hope things dont die off...I only just got here :p

I think...maybe its the natural cycle of things. People come and people go. I was never around during the time before you stopped posting...so I cant really compare.

I think its really up to us to stick around or if things have changed too much maybe move on to newer things. I find your posts very entertaining to read though :)
I just find it very tiring to post on certain threads where the other posters do not seem to be able to be reasoned with. It's like talking to a child or a wall. I don't know what their problem is. I mean, all they have to do is realize that I am right and they are wrong. Very simple. :sick:
It's the nature of web forums to see people come and go but even the staff here is shrinking as well, which is a sign of lower traffic as well.

@kira I dont think it will "die" really, it's probably just a peak in the opposite direction.

@Ashikaga......quite so, good luck in getting everyone else to agree with you. Lol!
I agree that it's a cyclical thing.

You're probably right that we could probably use a new staff member or two around here, but I don'T know if the forum is shrinking or not. It's just a slow cycle is all IMHO.
No I'm not. I resigned from the staff for personal reasons. Namely, I'm going through a divorce and my father is ill with cancer. I felt that it was too much stress to be moderating a board like this too, and at any rate, it would have been too easy to take out my frustrations on other members here if I continued to have moderating powers.
I wish you the best. My father died from cancer many years ago. My thoughts go out to you. Stay well!
just to let some of you guys know that I will have a holiday next week, and I will be able to take care of some things from them.
Many new people participate at a high degree and with much intelligence ("Lexico" comes to mind) then fall off never to be heard from again for no apparent reason. It seems to come in spikes, but there are still the handful of hardcore Jrefer's that seem to remain and this keeps the forum alive until the next wave of newbies arrive, make their mark or "stink" and then leave after a while never to be heard from again.

In the three and a half years I have been here I have seen it about twice. It will get lively again as it always has as there are always people interested in Japan.

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