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What the...?

I wish I was literate in mojibake...I can't even read my own blog entries!

Quick update:

My job with the 12+ hour days has only gotten worse! I've been given our company's largest account...we're talking millions of dollars here. Not that I'll ever see any of it!

I've decided to look for greener pastures elsewhere. Why?

At the plant I work at, 2 coworkers have passed away since Christmas last year. Since last summer, 2 more people have passed away at the apartment complex I live in. Live is so short, and we never know when our time is coming up. To fritter away your life in a stressful job that consumes every waking moment is to waste the most precious commodity you possess: time. It's the ultimate non-renewable resource.

That and the account I work on is so horribly stressful. It's hard to explain without making your eyes glaze over in boredom, but I liken it to being drawn and quartered: it pulls you in every direction all at once, it's painful, and there's no way out.

On the bright side, I am still generally happy. I finally have some savings again, and I got a positive annual review at work.

I do miss Japan, though. I hope to be able to visit again some day.

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