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What Makes A 39 Year Old Man Cry Like A Baby

I am turning into such a sap. It doesn't take much to make me cry these days...

Unlike most of what's out there today, Japanese pop songs of the 70s & 80s were
written and performed by professionals.

Take this song, 窶禿倪?禿遺?堙姑地ニ停?愴谷ニ蛋ーニ稚(Cotton Handkerchief) sung and made famous by 窶伉セ窶彡窶乃窶敕シ (Hiromi Ota).

The music was written by Kyouhei Tsutsumi, who is a GOD to those of us who appreciate good old fashioned Kayoukyoku. The lyric is by Takashi Matsumoto formally of HAPPY END, a very influential rock band whose lineup included such luminaries like Haruomi Hosono and Eiichi Otaki.

It tells a story of two young lovers. The boy is leaving their hometown for a "big city in the east", probably Tokyo. The girl promises to wait for him. Will he return to his hometown and the girl he loves??? Well, we all know the answer.

The verses of the song are sung from the boy's point of view while the choruses are sung in that of the girl.

I heard it for the first time in so many years quite recently and it just killed me! I never understood just how sad this song was when I was a kid (it was a huge hit back in 1975). By the time the song was over, I was bawling like a 14 year old girl after watching TITANIC for the 100th time.

Below is my attempt at translating the lyric. Translating it literally word for word didn't quite work so I took some creative liberties where I thought appropriate.

The link at the bottom takes you to a YouTube video of Ms. Ota performing it during one of her concerts a few years ago.

Cotton Handkerchief

Sweetheart, I am leaving
On a train heading east
Once I get to the big city
I am going to find
I am going to find you a gift

No, My Love
There is nothing that I want
I just want you to come back
with your heart not painted the colors of the city
I just want you to come back to me

Sweetheart, 6 months have gone by
We cannot see eachother but please don't cry
I am sending you a ring that's in fashion here in the city
I know it will look nice on you

No, My Love, because
No diamonds from the stars,
No pearls that sleep in the ocean
can shine as brightly as your kiss

I suppose you still don't wear any make-up
Not even a lipstick
Look at the picture of me
You might not even recognise me in a suit

No, My Love
I was in love with that boy who was lying on the grass
I know it gets cold and windy in the city
Please take good care
Please take good care of yourself

Please forgive me
I'm not the way I used to be
and I am thinking about you less and less
I'm having so much fun in the city
I cannot
I cannot go back

My Love,
For one last time
I will be selfish and ask you to buy me something
Please buy me a cotton handkerchief
A cotton handkerchief to wipe away my tears

:( :( :( :(



Awwwww ; ; thats so sad...that would sound like such a heartbreaking duet.

I cant remember the last time a song ever made me cry. I like sad songs...for some reason.

/buys Ashikaga-sensei a cotton handkerchief/
ナ津つ人窶廬窶堙俄?堙坂?愿コ窶怒ニ竹ニ鍛ニ致ニ湛ナスjツ湘」ツ催?坂?塲停??ツ催ャ窶敕補?堋セ窶堙?スv窶堋、窶佚・窶佚ェ窶ーrヒ?ェ窶堙個「A LONG VACATIONツ」窶堙俄?愿シ窶堙≫?堙??堙ゥツ「窶堋ウ窶堙ァ窶堙屡歎ニ遅ニ椎?ニ但窶彜窶慊ケツ」窶堙?ツ、ナ陳ウツ々窶伉セ窶彡窶乃窶敕シ窶堙姑歎ニ停?愴丹ニ停?ケ窶ケテ遺?堋セ窶堙≫?堋ス窶堙ア窶堙??堋キ窶堙ヲ窶堙銀?堋・ツ。
「a Long Vacation」って一家に一枚あったような... はっぴーえんど時代からは想像も出来ない展開だったよね。 一世を風靡しました、あのアルバム。 あれだけの高クオリティーで捨て曲なし! 「雨のウェンズデイ」は今でもよく聴いてます。

太田裕美っていい歌多かったな。 「しあわせ未満」とかも好きだった。 あの舌っ足らずな声で男言葉で唄う所が俺的には良かったw

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