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Next on the chopping block is water.

Luckily at this point in time, I don'T have to make much of a sacrifice to save money in this area, for I happen to have had a suspicious toilet.

Oh, yes, I've suspected this toilet of mine for some time now. It sure seemed to always sound like it was never satisfied with how much water was in its tank, but I never went so far as to check up on it.

On Sunday, I did.

First I confirmed that indeed my toilet doesn't hold its water very well. It's not broken; it's just that the toilet innards were designed rather poorly, so the stopper on the bottom of the tank doesn't stop the water flow completely. (I'll save you the details for now.)

Anyway, I then had to determine the rate at which the toilet was leaking, which I did by stopping the water supply and waiting for the toilet tank to empty. Unfortunately, I get engrossed in a book while I was waiting, so I forgot about the water for a while, but I do know this: an hour later, the toilet tank was empty. This means that I lose at least a tank worth of water every hour, probably more.

Next I had to figure out the volume of my tank, which I did in my newly dry toilet tank with a tape measure. I converted the units to meters (because the cost of water is calculated in cubic meters).

Then I got the price of water from my water bill and did my final calculations. It turns out that my runny toilet tank alone costs me at least 767 yen every two months. That's 4,602 yen a year, all wasted for nothing!

So I juryrigged a system that stops the water flow between flushes, but it's not perfect. Now I have to open the toilet every time I want to flush in order to get the water running again.

Hopefully I'll find a more permanent solution soon, but in the meantime, I'm looking forward to my next water bill to see how much it changes!

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