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A couple of friends and I are starting a business venture. At this point I can not give many details about it as per my partners' wishes, but the process thus far has been very enlightening.

The best part is that we have built our first prototype. This may not sound like much, but to see tangible evidence of your work is a reward in and of itself. One of my associates designed an electronic circuit for our first device, and I translated that into a set of computer files that were sent to a manufacturer. They then made our board, and we got it working as intended.

To think that this device that we now possess was once only in our minds, but through our work became a reality...it's amazing really. It's not that the device is spectacular, because it's not. It's just the idea that we created something tangible that makes me excited.

I'll try to write more thoughts at a later time. Right now I'm a bit sleepy. Zzzz


Sorry, Ossan... but a device that washes your bum after you've done your business on the toilet had already been invented a looooong time ago and has been on the market since I was a kid.

I wish you the best on your new venture all the same.

Go, Ossan, Go!!!
That's amazing! I'm really glad to hear that you've been working on such interesting things. Sounds like things are really moving up there. Keep us informed!
Really? But I even thought of a cool name. Are you ready for it? "Bidet" Cool, huh?

Turns out that we've completely redesigned the board. This time is up to me to make the circuit. But once it gets going, we're looking at 2, maybe even 3...dollars of annual gross sales! lol

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