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Vacation & Christmas Waaii~! d(^3^)b

Wooooot~! :lol:
FINALLY vacation time.
Time to get totally sick of DDR, and die in front of my ps2...
Oh, forgot to mention the ds :p lol
SO much to do, so little time!
And then we also have the fireworks!
BEing together with family !
A happy vacation with lots of snow...
At least I have enough time to be together with my friends... (Also not really).
Since they are in the other building, i can't really see them. So now im the oldest Student of the Building... ☝
Thats not much fun.
I almost know every teacher... ( Lol )
Anyway, i want to wish evry one on Jref a verry merry Christmas (even though its already over)... And a Nyappy 2008~!
Byez :wave:


I would love to play Dance Revolution as well, I once played it in a game arcade back in Australia which was fun... but I felt a bit shy in front of so many people. I do play something similar now on my Wii Fit.

Have a Happy new year yourself as well!
Well, you can download it on the internet.
I could send you the link if you want.

In an arcade, i would also be a bit shy :p
But thats very normal right?
I mean, you want to do it good!

Btw, You also have a very happy newyear~!
And good luck with the little one~! :wave:

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