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Useful information for people that want to study in Japan :)


I know that only 7 people viewed this blog so far, but still I feel like I should apologize for not posting anything so far...
The truth is that I only found out about how to post content today, hehe, silly right?

Well... About the title of this post... I found out that the Japanese Embassy website has a page where you can download a pdf file of a book that tells you about the pros of studying in Japan and the things that you can study. The book also has pages telling you a little about the japanese culture, how you can apply for scholarships, where to look for accommodation, exams required for studying in Japan and other subjects you might find interesting.

You can download the book in manny languages, including japanese, but I'm going to post the English version that I just downloaded.

I hope you find it useful!
Have a good day :p

See you later!じゃまた!


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