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Next week I'm getting rid of my car. It costs more money than I'll willing to put out right now.

Soon I'll also be going to visit my friends in Osaka. I have much to talk with them, and I haven't seen them in quite a long time.

Also, my online trading account should be made up some time next week, so I have that to look forward to as well!

My divorce has brought about a lot of change, and although I was really down for a while about it, I am ready to turn a new leaf and head out into the great unknown.

I've been studying a bit, and I hope to be able to break away from having to work for someone else within the next five years. That is my midterm goal at this moment. I don't know if I'll be successful, but if there's one thing my marriage has taught me, it's that in the end, the only person in the whole world who will take of you is yourself.

Relying on your job is only good so long as you are not downsized. Relying on your wife is only good so long as.....well,..... It's time to truly take care of myself.



Mikawa-san....I'm so very sorry to hear about your marriage :( I really hope that you can pull through ><

Good luck with selling the car and with your goals. Give me a yell if theres anything I can do to help even if I am an ocean or two away....
Wow, a lot has happened in the time I wasn't on Jref. Sorry to hear about your divorce man, must've been one of the lesser nice experiences in life. But, good luck to ya in whatever you want to do!


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