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Y'know... I am one woman who can't seem to type with 'long' nails. Playing a string instrument for 20+ years may have something to do with it. Always had to keep my nails clipped so short. Now the slightest growth annoys me when I type. My eyes boggle at ladies with super-long nails typing on a keyboard with ease...
*Anyway*, hope you guys are great out there. Down-time at work is perfect for studying my Japanese and visiting the JRef Forum (which I am thoroughly enjoying - just posted my first "You Should Be Banned" post, too. I feel special, oh so special.)
I understand there used to be a chat room here at JRef before, too? Bummer that it's been removed.. Hopefully there could be an alternative solution soon, but who knows.
I've heard about folks from one association meeting on a completely different program before. Like a gaming guild using Ventrilo voice chat to meet at, or a business using a virtual world (i.e. Second Life) to meet at... Something like that. It's good to at least know that there are possibilities out there.
Anyway! Until next post, eh? My finger joints are getting weary from over-compensating typing with these nails. I should tote some clippers...


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