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Todd's Farm winding down...

Todd's Farm has celebrated it's 51st year of operations (except during the USA's pandemic when it was shut down). I had always been a buyer. Showing up with a flashlight, a pocket full of cash and an empty SUV (a small one now). I was mostly buying furniture and in New England, the surprises are often. But since I stopped doing early American furniture and starting doing books, ephemera, and porcelain as well as general art. I started selling at Todd's. A new experience!

So this is what it looks like at Todd's Farm as a seller. $40 gets you a space to park your car and unload your stuff. Now getting there, it's a nice drive up along Route 1A that is the same road that John Adams, as a lawyer, used to travel in the 1700's to represent clients in all the different towns and courts going North out of Boston in Quincy, where his farm was.

Most of the transactions are done early, and usually in the dark as many buyers show up looking to buy early. By the time the retail trade shows up, most of the deals have been done. So, we all take a bit of time before set up to run around with our flashlights looking for nice items. I found this one:


A really nice vase with a rooster. The guy I bought it from said it was Korean, but I believe it to be Japanese and a fine one at that!


The hairline is a crack from the kiln and doesn't run through it. The interior is hand scraped or formed as the tool used to make it, can be seen. It has a very tactile surface with the incised black lines and the solid color schemes added with the wonderful details of the flowers in bloom, the rich purple background color and the fine detailing along the top of the rim as well as the base. So getting to a flea market or boot sale or any sort of fair where dealers are setting up to sell to the general public, it's always a good idea to come as early as possible, bring cash and if you see something you like, buy it!
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