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I have this habit of thinking.
Now, of course that in itself is not a problem really (other than that it makes me look like I have even less of an attention span then normal), but when I start thinking i think WAY TOO MUCH.
I can sit and ponder about simple things for hours. I can look through one of the red cups we have at home and marvel at the color for half an hour.
I just kind of lose myself in this other world.
Anyway, I digress.
I was THINKING again today.
Whats is the difference between "Love" and "the Illusion of Love"?
Just because something ends means it wasnt real?
I dont think so.
To grow old with someone, and eventually have them forget your name? Having to change their diapers everyday? Why is this the only "True" "Love" that people aknowledge? When you stop caring about someone, why drag it on?
Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous of love stories in the world.
I dont think they would have stayed togather if they survived. I really, truly dont. But does that mean that they werent in love? No.
People deny it too, "Oh It wasnt 'true' 'love', I just thought it was." How is that any different? Yes it ended, and thats very sad. But why isnt it real?
I dont understand people sometimes.


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