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They Finally Caught Him

Four years ago, a family friend was murdered in her home in December. My great aunt had lived next door to her for nearly fifty years, and I remember always visiting them both every Halloween since I was small. Although the police had a suspect and they were sure it was him, the evidence they had was not enough to convict him and he soon fled to Texas (this happened in Michigan). Today I recieved news that while in prison in Texas for a later offense, the man finally confessed and will be extradieted to Michigan to go on trial. Everyone in town has been talking about it, and I am shocked at how many are saying that it took a long time. There are a lot of murder cases that go unsolved for decades at times, so I am just thankful that it only took four years. It could have took longer and probably would have ahd he not confessed. The sad part is that our friend was the type of person who would have forgave the man for what he did had she lived through it. Whether he deserved it or not, but that is the beauty of forgiveness: it isn't something you can earn, it is only something that can be given to you.


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