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I was surfing the internet as usual a few nights ago and came across someone's blog and he was writing about this new gadget. It is called POMERA. What it is is a portable digital memo pad. A small word processor you can carry in your pocket.

In this age of cell phones with which you can connect to the internet, listen to MP3 files, text message your friends, watch TV, DVDs, microwave a TV dinner as well as making phone calls, a POMERA does none of those things. It just simply lets you write. That's ALL it does.

Many of you must be thinking, "Hey, if I wanted to jot down notes and ideas, I would just whip out my mini-laptop, and it has many more features and functions" or "I'd just use my cell phone to take down notes".
OK, but how small is your mini-laptop? A POMERA is approximately the size of a paperback. It would easily fit in your Man-purse. How easy is it to "type" words on your cell phone's key pads? A POMERA has a decent size keyboard that folds out. Battery life? 20 hours (it uses 2 AA alkaline batteries). Start-up time? You open up your POMERA and in 2 seconds (!), it is ready for you to start writing.

I was at a tire shop the other night to have one of my customers' old & tired car tires replaced with new ones and I had about an hour to kill. In the waiting room, they had magazines for you to read but they only had women's gossip magazines and car magazines, neither of which interested me. So, I took out a small notebook and a pencil from my bag and started writing something for my blog where I write about one of my faverite singers, Seiko Matsuda. By the time the car was ready, I had enough material for an entry. The thing is though, it was such a pain to actually "write"!
I was constantly crossing off misspelled words and awkward phrases and correcting them, It was a nightmare trying to copy/type on my PC what I had written in my notebook later that night, too.

When I read about POMERA, I knew I had to have it. No matter where I am, I can take it out and in seconds, start writing down my words of wisdom .

I ordered one from a discount electronics shop on the internet yesterday and it is supposed to arrive in a couple of days. I am so excited about my new toy! Who knows? Maybe I will finally write that novel that I have been meaning to write on my POMERA....

I was looking at the manufacturer's site this morning, and on the product detail page for POMERA, they mention some cool looking accessories also available like special carrying cases for POMERA. I will probably need one of them, too to protect my POMERA from scratches and dust and keep her nice and shiny... This is going to cost me a little bit more than I thought.

I just love typing/saying the word, POMERA. It is such a funny sounding word. I would love to hear the late Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz shout out "POMERAAA!!!"instead of her fanmous "AZUCAAAARR!!!".

Anyway, the next entry you will read on my blog will most likely be written on my.....


This post reads like an advertisement. hehe. You must really like that thing! Do you find that your writing differs depending on the medium? When I had free time while teaching in Ashikaga I would write posts by hand too. Then when I typed it I think maybe I used the opportunity to make edits. Cool toy.
Hey, JTT! or should I say, HOLAAAAAAA!

It's arrived yesterday. It is VERY cool. It was met with ohhhhhhs and ahhhhhhhs of all my colleagues. I will be on the road today to Utsunomiya, so I will bring it along and see if I get inspired and get a chance to use it in my car during traffic stops, in some fastfood restaurant during lunch, after a bathroom stop in a 7-11 parking lot, etc.
Is it safe to type in your car during a traffic stop? Tsk tsk, Ashikaga. Your POMERA privileges might have to be revoked.
That oh-so subtle POMERA plugging has made me want one ^^
I hate writing notes on my phone because of the character limit and inconveinient keybord, and computers are hard to just pull out and jot things down, you have to start them up and logg in and such ^^
So that seems pretty useful :D
It's been less than a week since I got my you-know-what... and you know what? I LOVE it! Especially when I pull it out in a cafe or something and people sitting close by whisper to their friends "Look, that guy has a POMERA!". pffft

Ohhhh~ Raven! You should get one!

HnH, I was just making a point that it is THAT easy to use. Then again, I guess I COULD make a quick note of these little nuggets that pop into my head every so often during traffic stops as it only takes 2 seconds to start this thing up. By the time the lights turn green, I would have written down a haiku or two, put the thing away (it turns itself off AND saves what I have written automatically when I fold it up) and checked out the girl in the next car! So there!

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