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The Vicar of Dibley!

OMG I am so happy my Vicar of Dibley of DVD's arrived today! I absolutely love Dawn French. Actually I was thinking of all the TV shows that I love are British. I own the As Time Goes By series and To The Manor Born. I own part of the Keeping Up Appearances, and some Ab Fab DVD's too. Currently on our public television station I am watching, Open All Hours, Are You Being Served, Last Of The Summer Wine. Oh I almost forgot, One Foot In The Grave. I love Victor. They aren't playing the series Fresh Fields or French Fields, but I would love to get those on DVD as well along with Good Neighbors which I think was called the Good Life in the UK, but I am not certain. I like that they have "real" actors and actresses, not just beautiful people like on American TV. The people come in all shapes and sizes and ages too! I can relate more to them. I wish we had more variety in people in our TV shows here. Anyway, I think I have to pop my DVD in and watch the Vicar! :)


Sorry, they are all British tv comedies. I am watching one right now on our public tv station. They really have some of the best tv programs. I know a few American tv shows were based off British show. Archie Bunker was one of them. At the moment the British show escapes me. I have gotten most of my friends hooked on the shows I mentioned. There are more that I am missing, I just can't remember their titles. I remember one where the opening was a cute little framed cross stitched saying...Home Sweet Home, or something like that. Oh, yeah, I loved Barbara as well....she reminded me of an older Roseanne. I wish they were playing that one......

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