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The Story of Flame Princess

It’s been my dream to get out. To touch the wind, feel the leaves. I wanted to set free from this dreadful lamp, holding me prisoner from what it felt like a thousand years. But, my hopes diminished every time when she came to visit.

My father said she was the Princess of the Candy kingdom, a land really far away from here. Although she was a beautiful lady, her heart was pure evil. She locked me up in this terrible lamp, like a caged animal. With her sweet voice and her lustful tone, I she casts a spell on my father. She says I am dangerous, and I will kill everyone on this planet if I am set free. Every word she directed to me pierces my heart and kills every part of me. It was deadly, and no other weapon could give any more pain.

All the years in my life made me curious to explore the world. It made my life a misery. I knew I had to get out of this cell and, see the world with my own 2 eyes. Every passing day, I thought of onion smelling grass and the magical rainbows. I wanted to meet heroes and listen to their amazing adventures. I wanted to know more about this world. I wanted to leave this dreadful place. The want soon became an obsession. I found out that I didn’t wanna live here anymore. I knew I had to devise a plan. But what will it be?

The flames of the earth grew out of its place and devoured the fire lilies. I gazed on my chaotic kingdom. Do I really belong here? It was just a place I’d was eventually born into. I don’t need to stay here forever. I was somebody that I needed to find out. Staying here will just make me a bird with no wings. It’s time for me to see the world. I check my calendar. 2 days before party night. It’s the time of the year when all the people in the fire kingdom was actually allowed. It was the only time when my father set me free. Until then, I had to keep myself busy. What will I do that night?How the heck am I gonna pull this off? I need time….

Party night came on faster than a burning tree. I quickly dashed out of my room, happy as can be. By the time I got to the party hall, I saw guards blocking my way. They held my arms and dragged me back to my room.

“Sorry Princess, you have to stay there tonight. It’s his highness’ command.”


Tears flowed down to my cheeks as I stared at the window. I was never going to see the light. Never.


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