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The Old Witch And The Six Dwarfs

Some think they are the symbol of tackiness while others think they add a little bit of whimsy to your gardens/yards.

I am talking about those garden trolls.

My grandfather was really into gardening, so his house (where I live with my parents and my aunt now) has this beautiful Japanese Garden. My mother also loves plants and flowers, so she has been planting all different kinds of flowers all over the garden.

She has added some vividly colored western flowers to it and made it into something a little more lively compared to the way it was before which was rather subtle in its use of subdued colors of such flowering plants like Wisterias and Plum Trees.

Anyway, I was in a 100 yen store (an equivalent of those Dollar Stores in the US where most everything in the store is priced one dollar) last Sunday to buy socks and saw these Garden Trolls. They looked a bit more like the Seven Dwarfs from the Disney movie than trolls but I found them rather cute.

Each had a different color clothes on and each was playing a different musical instrument. There were 6 of them altogether and true to the name of the store, they were priced 100 yen each. 630 yen including the tax! I bought all 6 of them.

I was going to secretly place them in the garden during the night, so when my mother would go out there in the morning, she'd get a nice surprise. "She would be delighted!! ", I thought. You know, I thought I'd be adding just a little bit of "magic"in the life of an old woman.

I waited until everyone had gone to bed and got the Dwarfs from my car.

I placed one at the foot of the Wisteria tree. Another one I put in the midst of the pansies right next to the drive way.
There is a stump left where there used to be a peach tree, so I sat the green one who is playing an accordion on top of it. I put all 6 of them oh so strategically throughout the garden. I was very happy with the way they looked.

Long story short, my mother hates them.
She did not tell me that she hated them, but I know because she hasn't said anything about the Dwarfs. I KNOW she has seen them. The only thing she said was, "Someone pulled out a couple of pansies". Yes, I had to pull out a few of the pansies to make room for the Guitar playing Dwarf.

Well, by Tuesday, I was bit miffed by the lack of ANY reaction from her so I decided not to say anything myself regarding the presence of Droopy and Co.

Then this morning, when I went to the mailbox to retrieve the morning paper, I noticed the yellow Dwarf missing from his spot by the shrub of azaleas. He was found a few meters away from his designated spot lying face down. It looked like someone (well, my mother) had been weeding around the shrub.

I could not believe it! A sweet old woman like my mother just throwing an adorable Dwarf aside like a piece of trash!!

Did she feel like her "work of art" was somehow ruined by their presense? Did they go against her "taste"? Puleeeze. This is the woman who made me put that God-awful wallpaper with yellow and pink flower patterns on the livingroom walls. I am no Martha Stewart when it comes to home decorating but I know when I see something hedious, thank you very much.

The Dwarfs are staying. A small compliment or two from the neighbor and I know she will change her tunes. I know that woman.

For now, I will just wait and see what her next move will be....


lol it sounds like your playing battleships with your mother :)

My mother isnt as indirect as yours though, usually if something is ugly she'll say its ugly. I have to constantly fight with her if she insists I get something that I really dislike.

Yellow and Pink flower patterns....hmmmm XD

Ganbatte kudasai ne!

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