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Well, we went to Costco and bought this.

Really tasty too.
1 chicken and bread.JPG
2 chicken and bread.JPG

First time we ever bought the Chicken and French bread. Spent about 200 bucks there. Going back soon.
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You just made my mouth water! 😄
Do you have a costco where you live. Here we have one in Hiroshima and in KitaKyushu. Our membership expires soon so we are back on the 14th of this month. Going to order 2 pairs of eye glasses. They seem to be half price compared to Tanaka eye wear company.
The chicken was so tender, even 3 days later. The bread, didn't have to go to France to get some real French bread. Of course, I'd like to have it been Italian bread. lol
Yes, we do have a Costco not far from where we live and we've been planning to sign up for ages. I'm dreaming of preparing my own whole grilled chicken. 🤗
I haven't forgotten about this journal. Hopefully I'll add more stuff soon.
Life is a bit hectic now with so much going on in the world and here locally.

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