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tada no ichinichi de...(Just another day...)

konnichiwa minna~! Kyou watashi ga ASUS kara denwa wo shite moraimashita wa ashita laptop wo kaeshite to iimashita! Ureshii~!

Minnasan o genki datta na kono sekai wa doko ka he...

Hey everyone! I hope your all doing well wherever you are in this world.

Today I received a call from ASUs telling me that my laptop was ready to return to me tomorrow~! I'm soo happy~! Thankfully none of the data was affected...(not that it matters I had it all backed up anyway).

Semester two has officially started and after a bit of a break it feels nice to be back again I guess. Yano-sensei was back again for this semester and we had a brief chat in Japanese. Apparently this semester she will be supervising three new tutors who have been doing pHD studies at monash the past year. Nishoka-sensei, Anzai-sensei, Sakurai-sensei...Youkoso he Nihongo REBERU 4~! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~!

Today in History we, our major assignment was to write a 3000 word biographical essay on a famous leader of Asian History. Of the choices I was thinking of writing on either Saigo Takomori, Aung San or Sun yat-sen.

Saigo Takamori as a lot of Japanese would know was one of the "last true samurai" that led the Satsuma rebellion and the battle of Shiroyama. He is a figure shrouded in legend among the Japanese and a statue of him is found at Ueno Kooen (Ueno Park).

Aung San was a leader that founded the Burmese Military. A nationalist and a revolutionary, he was instrumental to bringing Burma's independence although he was assassinated 6 months before that happened. To this day he is revered and invoked by the Burmese people as the "architect" of their freedom and his daughter Aung San Suu Kyi is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and a fighter for democracy in Burma.

Sun Yat-Sen was a revolutionary leader of China that was instrumental in bringing down the Last dynasty of China and became the president of the newly founded republic of China in 1912 and co-founded the Kun-minting. Known as the "father of modern China" unusually he became revered in both China and Taiwan.

It seems I have quite a bit of work ahead of me...all three leaders I think sound equally interesting. I wonder if there is anyone that knows much about these leaders on JREF?

Until next time
Ja mata kondo desu ne~!


Saigo had a dog named Tsun. What? Nooooo~ I didn't read that on Wikipedia! Why'd you think that!?
Nice to see you enthusiastic about the semester. It is also funny to see that you people measure essays in words. In Portugal all my essays were requested in number of pages and everyone always wrote like this to finish it quickly.

LOL my tutor had a half hour tirade on WHY WIKIPEDIA IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!1111 lol.

Wow they measure words by page length? That would be interesting :) I'd use a massive font too if they said "You must write 10 pages on Saigo Takamori.

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