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Sushi in Chinese restaurants.

For the first time in my life I eated sushi in a Top Quality Chinese Restaurant. This restaurant is a 4star restaurant and it's the best and cleanest and modern restaurant that I ever saw here in Belgium.
So in that restaurant on friday night there's always an all you can eat night for an amount.
So I went there today. So I came, ordered my aperitive and waited until I could go to take some food that they have displayed at the self-bar.

And when I stood at the Self-bar I was Shocked!
The amount of Sushi that they had! I thought in myself a Chinese making Japanese food? That i have to try!

I must admit it was yummy but since I work in Teppanyaki/Sushi Restaurant I could recognised immediately that they used different things then original Sushi.

for example: it was just tuna with stickyrice. and the avocado was replaced with ニ鱈ニ停?ヲニ脱ニ椎? (cucumber)
Well I enjoyed it and soon we go back to celebrate some party's.


?? Suchi aint chinese.. Sushi is japanese.. Kind of stupid not.
In that way people will keep sayin it's all the same

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