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Suggested Uji tea course visit the most famous tea farm in Kyoto

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Tea Culture in Japan or we called as Chado (茶道) is one of many unique of Japanese culture. And one great place to visit and fully enjoy Japanese green tea or Japan matcha is Uji Area - Kyoto. This is a main tea of whole Japan and Kyoto as well. From old tea shop to the attempt to make your own matcha by the technique from 500 years ago. Have a sightseeing and call back the day of few hundred years ago in Japanese history with Budda as main theme. Have a taste of speciality food in Kyoto with Matcha Parfait and Uji tea dango.

Here is the detail from us about Suggested Uji tea tour.
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Matcha Parfait


Matcha Udon

Making Matcha from greent ea leaves activity​
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I have tried Matcha Udon in Narita airport. It's very good, I can't forget its taste.

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