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Shimokitazawa Walk


A local favourite of the trendy kids in the area, Shimokitazawa (下北沢), Tokyo (Setagaya Area) is a comfortable activity hub just 5 minutes by train from Shibuya. Formerly an agricultural field, it became a refuge for people seeking to leave the city after the great Kanto earthquake of 1921 and was spared any damage during the air raids of the Second World War. It was quickly converted into an American marketplace and soon became host to the hippies of the 1970s and later the trendies of today. With narrow streets deterring drivers, the area has a relaxed casual feel, with plenty of great places for people to watch and a chance to wander to your heart's delight. Access Shimokitazawa by taking the Odakyu Line or Keio-Inokashira Line to Shimokitazawa Station.

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Wow that was so cool!
I watched it with my cheap VR set and showed it to my mom.
Lovely video, specially the sunset at the end
During the video I tried to read the store names in katakana and hiragana

Thanks for posting it. I love videos like that :D

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