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Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing in a 360 video


Shibuya Scramble Crossing (渋谷スクランブル交差点 Shibuya sukuranburu kōsaten) or simply "Shibuya Crossing" and that's just when you look up. Look down, and you'll see the area's most impressive characteristic: the inhabitants. From all directions, including other directions, people are continuously streaming across the street. In a frantic mess, bumping, side stepping and swerving around each other as they attempt to cross, they all meet in the centre. Then it pauses for a few minutes. These are some of my favourite times to be a Shibuya Crossing observer: while the traffic gets its turn, every little co-observer gets its turn.

The intersection is located opposite the Hachikō exit of Shibuya Station. The Hachikō dog statue, erected in 1934 between it and the intersection, is a popular and almost always crowded meeting place. Some 2.4 million people cross the square every day, with 2,500 people crossing the square at every green light for pedestrians. Car traffic is brought to a complete stop for fifty-five seconds to allow pedestrians to cross the intersection safely. On the southwest side of Shibuya Station is another popular meeting place around a statue called Moyai. The statue, donated to Shibuya by the people of Niijima Island in 1980, resembles an Easter Island moai. Three giant television screens fixed to the facades of the buildings along the street and numerous advertising panels dominate the intersection.
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