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Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store

Need Japanese Snacks, Gifts? Seibu Department Store in a 360 video 西武池袋本店西武食品館


In Ikebukuro, the flagship store of Seibu Department Stores is located. There are Shibuya and Ikebukuro stores in Tokyo. There are eight stores in the entire country as of 2020. In addition to department stores, Seibu runs the Loft retail shop and the supermarket, Garden/Shell Garden. The Seibu Sweets and Side Dish Food Market is located on the 1st basement floor of building A.

The Seibu Department Stores (株式会社西武百貨店) opened their doors in 1949. The Seibu Department Stores flagship store is located in Ikebukuro. In Tokyo, there are stores in Shibuya and Ikebukuro. As of 2020, there are eight stores in the whole country. In August 2020, Seibu will close its stores in Okazaki and Otsu while downsizing its stores in Akita and Fukui due to poor sales. In addition to department stores, Seibu operates the speciality store Loft and The Garden/Shell Garden supermarket. Both are also part of Seven & I Holdings Co. Seibu previously runs Parco, now run by J. Front Retailing, Muji, now operating independently, and Seiyu Group, now owned by Walmart. Seibu, Parco, and Seiyu were previously part of the now-defunct Seibu Saison Group, while Muji was formerly known as Seiyu's private brand.


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