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Searching for my paternal grandmother

I have been searching for my paternal grandmother via several resources but unfortunately to no avail so far. My grandmother's name is 窶懌?。催ィ窶ケv窶「テ?スu; and I have little information about her except the following:
She was married to my grandfather, who was then attending medical school in Japan about 75-80 years ago. My grandfather was a Taiwanese and his name was 坂?堋債ェ. Both their daughter and oldest son (my father) were born in Japan. My father's name is 坂?堋渉コ窶禿? who was born in 1933 and is still living today.
Upon my grandfather's receiving his medical degree, he returned to 窶ーテ??ケ`, his hometown in Taiwan, with his family at the time when my father was only a baby. Later in Taiwan, my grandmother gave birth to a younger son, 坂?堋渉コナスu, who is also living. Then for some unknown reason, which my father never talked about, she returned to Japan with her daughter (my aunt) and never returned again.
I don't think that my grandmother is still alive today due to her age; however, I truly wish that I can locate her relatives or descendants, especially my aunt, whom I have never met. If you have any information about my family, I'll appreciate very much that you contact me.


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