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School, and well Hello

Well, I thought if I can't be the first to write a post, I'll be the second.

First of all I want to say, that I am very happy with this Blog add-on and I hope to see other members posting on it as well.

Anyway, I went to school today, had an OK day even though my troath hurted a lot.

That's it. lol


Are you aware that this is a private blog, and apparently the only reason I can post this comment is that I happen to be a moderator?
So...why did you throat hurt? I know...too much karaoke the night before, right? !
Probably the weather change...

But yeah, it's pretty annoying because I am already having troubles with it for over 4 days while I am teaching 30-40 students and 5 periods a day...

Aaaa well... It's almost weekend. ;)

Thanks for asking!
(Testing since im not used to this but i have to be open for everything) (>.<)

(and by the way drinking rum in the night was maybe the reason off your little illness)

I hope you are better soon!

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