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(Sauntering about in Hiroshima) - Part I

This is Part I of my trip to Hiroshima last week. I'm doing this basically for members who have been there and/or have interest in that part of Japan.

The purpose of my trip was to meet my mom and celebrate her birthday.

The most convenient way to travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima is to ride the Shinkansen. Although it is cheaper to fly between the cities, it's not worth it considering the airport waiting time and especially the distance between Hiroshima's airport and the city center. (If you take a cab from the airport to the city, the money you saved on airfare is lost instantly. )

So, there I was on the superexpress Nozomi 700, the latest Shinkansen model serving the Tokaido-Sanyo route between Tokyo and Fukuoka.

It's only 4 hours from Tokyo to Hiroshima (over distance of approx. 894 km/555 mi), and the ride was nice and comfortable. It was raining since early morning, and the clouds were low. I hoped to get some nice pictures of views from the train but this was all I could get to catch:


When I arrived in Hiroshima, the weather was warm and sunny.
(To be continued to Part II)


あ。。エペジーンさん。 いい思い出が来た。:)
広島はとても美しいです。 私はみやじまが大好きです。あそこで何回もまんじゅを食べてどうぶつ達を見たことがありますよ。

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