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rain rain go away~

holidays officially suck.
blunt eh? but it's true. and here i go, drabbling on about nothing, but yeah.
i was dragged off to the middle of nowhere by my parents a few days ago. no idea where. ☺ and i have never been so happy to get home.
three whole days of rain. i think the sun was out for a maximum of twenty minutes yesterday! not that there was anythign to do at the CL even if it WAS sunny. Ok, i thought, i've brought my music so it's not the end of the world. And i spend three days sitting with my walkman playing, doing Sudokus. :note:
not to mention getting an earful from parents for doing nothing. ☝
i went to the beach when it was sunny and got ravaged by the wind - what more do you want from me?:eek:
ok, enough bitching. i'm sure you people don't care. lol
and on the bright side, now i can get back to looking up cookie recipies which i'm cooking tomorrow. [we need a cookie eating smiley lol]


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  • i came back~
    right. evidently i should visit JRef more often than i do these days...
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