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I'd like to preface this blog with the note that I've tried learning Japanese once before, but gave up part way through. Yesterday, i had restarted my endeavor to learn Japanese and I've been doing a far better job of it this time around.
Why do I want to learn Japanese? Well, i'm tired of only knowing one language, and Spanish didn't stick around even though i tried for 5 years to learn it in school. I hope that struggling through Japanese will make it stick far better, not to mention that I do want to make games, so, knowing Japanese will help in localizations of future projects.
How far have I gotten this time around? Well, I've been practicing writing and reading Hiragana, and thus far, i've got あ,い、う、お、か、き、く、け、こ down prety well right now, just need to work on the next set of 5 or so before I keep going.
I've found that this quest has been rather interesting and fun, although, it has been taking time away from making my game, but it's a little stale at the moment anyway. Meh, it's a thing, I'll handle it when I can.
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