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Please check out my update

Check out the above link. Made a mistake on posting it in the wrong place. LOL

This is what my lunch looks like when out cycling.
todays lunch.JPG
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Just a question for now about the tools here. I thought I saw a place where folks could comment on the Journal pages. Is that correct? We can place comments in two places?

I'm only asking because it seems that could get kind of confusing, if we also wish to keep up with the comments.

Well, that is a tad not quite true. I'm giving this Journal idea some thought, but for something that will be very serious. But helpful to other human folks.

Anyway, what's the deal with comments?

Thank you.
Actually I found it very confusing, but I hung in there and started a journal. Really not sure if I'm still doing it right.
Been getting my pictures sorted out. Funny thing is, I didn't know I took about 7000 pictures. LOL But I think many are doubles that still need to be sorted out.

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