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Playing some Golf.

Yesterday I went to the the golf driving range together with my father and brother in law. Both of them have been playing golf for already many years, while I have only played golf on the golf range 3 times.

It didn't go that bad, I think I only missed 10 balls (I swung over it), had about 80 bad hits (only 10 meter, or the other way than I expected it to go). The rest of them were pretty good. 50 meter with the small clubs, and about 150-250 meter with the big clubs.

I found it difficult to move my upperbody in a good way, and to use power with my left arm and instead of my right, and to relax a bit more.

I really hope to play some more golf in the upcoming months so that I can actually try some balls at the golf course together with them.

Guess I have to keep practicing with my golf game on the PS2, until I have the change to go to the golf driving range again, lol.

Any of you guys are playing golf so now and again? And does anyone have some advice for a newbie as I am?




I sometimes go to the driving range, too. It's a good way to unwind and relax. I think practicing on the Nitendo Wii would be better for your golf swing than the PS2, but who knows? :p
Does Swing away golf for the ps2 also counts? :p

i also play golf .....mini-golf 😌

but when i have more time then i will go golfing with my mom and stepfather.

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