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Pinching Pennies

So lately I've been trying to save up more money. I have my lovely wife to thank for that, as she has told me that I really ought to save more.

So I have been making some cuts.

No longer do I drive with the air conditioning on, to save on gas.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to try to walk or bike to work when it's not raining to further save on gas.

I have given up beer and all beer substitutes. (That was tough, and I do have occassional slipups. Shhh!)

I am trying to cook more and eat out / buy bento less often.

I have changed calling plans to the cheapest possible one I qualify for on my mobile phone.

I am avoiding conbinis whenever possible!

I am brewing my own mugicha rather than buying tea from the store.

I spend all my free time at home rather than somewhere else where I might be tempted to spend money.

To that end, I am actually studying the Japanese language again after a long hiatus.

I unplug most electronics when I don't use them now, like the AC unit, computer, denki pot, etc.

Any other ideas?

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