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....*Phffffffffffffffpt*. .. goes my Motivation

:sick:...okay, so I did it. over-worked myself in the studies... I didn't even begin to study grammar sentences last week. I didnt' study kanji, either - when I began a study, I barely got past the fourth word on the list.

Now it's Tuesday... and the only thing tying me to "studying" now is the anime I've watched/listened to lately.

I need a better - healthier - pattern. Though I'm not at all disenchanted from learning Japanese, I've become my own worst school master, turning fun learning into constant detention.

C'mon guys, gimme a hug... or at least some words of pep or wisdom.


Excuse me!? Over-worked!? Did Sandra Day O'Connor say "Oohh~ I think I've over-done it. I think I'm gonna give it a rest for a while and see if Jesse Helms can give me a hug"? ツ Did Nancy Kerrigan say "Gawd, my knee hurts from the vicious clubbing I just received! You know what? I think I've over-done it this time.... No more triple lutz-triple axel combinations for this queen of the ice for a while."??
I don't think I have to mention Kerri Strug... WALK IT OFF, young lady!! Now, drop and give me 50!!
Okay, someone tell me who Kerri Strug is... 😌

I say learn to sing your favorite Japanese song (rote memory, total mimicking). It's a bit hard, but fun when you start noticing phrases from song being used in speech or writing.
I quote from Wiki...

Kerri Allyson Strug (born November 19, 1977) is an American gymnast from Tucson, Arizona. She was a member of the Magnificent Seven, the gymnastics team that represented the United States at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, and is remembered for performing the vault despite having seriously injured her ankle, in order to clinch a gold medal in the women's team competition.

Ms.Strug was (and still is) an inspiration to little gymnasts everywhere for her sheer determination and courage.
Ashikaga san: SIR YES SIR!!!

epigene san: yeah, the name(s) kinda threw me off too, but I appreiate where he's going with their examples.

Thanks guys. I needed that. 😌
OK OK OK..... I was just being silly.
Hang in there, Aurura!!!

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