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packing or avoiding it!

I love to travel, but I absolutely hate packing my suitcase, computer case and all of that busy work. My sister-in-law is a pre-packer. She gets her suitcase out about a month before and addsa little to it daily. My husband is ready already! I on the other hand will be packing tomorrow night around, 11pm or about 7 hours before the plane lifts off. I just can't get motivated to pack. I struggle with what to bring or not bring. Socks and underwear are no brainers...one/two clean pair minimum per day, but I always pack extras. I think my husband has it easy. He packs a few suits and shirts, and a few jeans and t-shirts and he's done. His suits work for business and formal occasions. I need formal clothes, and regular clothes and it just seems like I just need more. Well at least I am one step ahead this time. I just emptied out my Guam stuff and have the suitcase open with all the toiletries still in...so maybe I will get done a bit ahead of schedule. Hmmm, all things are possible! :)


Having problems packing? 😊

Well, I used to be like you but learned over the years that there isn't really much you need to pack while traveling. I used to fly between Japan and North America a lot when my kids were small (for vacations) but learned what I really need and what is non-essential. For instance, there aren't many "formal functions" you have when traveling (unless the trip is to attend multiple weddings, etc.). One very basic and versatile dress or ensemble can do wonders. It can be made to look gorgeous just be adding some attractive accessories and jewelry for a night out. It can be worn with contrasting jacket from some other outfit to look great during the day. I don't take PJs with me either, I make do with T shirts I use in hot weather and as underwear when cold. Versatility is the key. (Also, you sister-in-law's idea really good because you won't panic. I use a basket in which I put in all the things I need when they cross my mind during the week or two before traveling.)

Many, many years ago when the Japanese were not as fashionable as they are now and traveling meant dragging an entire wardrobe, even for a short trip, the Japanese media and people were shocked by a certain Frenchwoman. She was a top bureaucrat representing the French government visiting Japan on an important intergovernmental meeting. She was chic and smart (pretty and intelligent-looking, too). What shocked the people (including myself) was that she came to Japan with only one briefcase and a small bag (weekend bag type)!! And her stay in Japan was a whole week! Fashion people went wild over her wardrobe, checking out what she wore every day. She wore an ensemble that she created variations with with attractive blouses, scarves, knits and jewelry. And she never looked like she was wearing the same time over and over again! Since then, a lot of people learned what a smart traveler looks like and renewed their admiration for the sophistication of the French.

Although I can't emulate what she did, I still try! 😌
I forgot to pack boots or shoes that would work in snow! I really didn't think it would snow in Tokyo. It was really beautiful though! :)

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