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I've only recently finished my latest reading spree. It happens from time to time, as an urge forcing me to read more and more as a madman, unable to stop. It is actually useful as I travel about 3 hours between home and work and is great for relaxing. I just can't understand people who don't read. And I know more than a few like that.

With that urge finally finished, I decided to come back to Japanese studying. It has been a few months since I stop learning, which I've done only because, at first, I lacked time, and when the time came, that urge took over me. It was kinda sad, as I also stopped attending to my Japanese classes. The teacher is great, the classmates are cool and I learn a lot each time I'm there. Unfortunately Japanese was not my priority and since I was already sleeping 3 to 4 hours a day I just had to drop it and use that time with other matters.

I always loved learning Japanese, I find the Language and Writing system to be amazing and a whole world of surprises and funny mental ideas. It also helps my memory (which always sucked big time) and I've already noticed big improvements in that field. A few years ago I was unable to mental read a single Portuguese sentence, hide it and repeat it out loud right away. Now I can do that with several sentences even in Japanese.

I'm currently studying Genki from start, reviewing everything I had learned and I was happy to notice that, besides some one-time recalling, I really assimilated most of the rules and the words I learned. I even bought a CD player (It is hard to find one nowdays :p) so I could listen to the Oxford Japanese Course CDs while I walked (which is a lot).

Ramblings away.. Today I was at work and a college of mine said he was thinking in buying the "Dance Dance Revolution". I couldn't help to laugh out loud. I was not alone after all. \o/ I was also keeping an eye on the Wii console and for games like that one. I had this in my mind ever since I visited an arcade building at Hakiabara. I was near the shooting machines and coincidently there was a dancing machine near one of the arcades I was playing. I was amazed at one Japanese dude that seemed to fly at the sound of the music. His movements were really great. So... I decided to give it a try. I'll save you from mentally watching a crime against humanity so I'll not speak more about what happened after I started playing the easiest song in the whole game.

At that time I realized that I seriously needed coordination training. I already knew that my disco nights weren't exactly... spectacular. But as I usually drink a few beers before heading to any dance area I had no idea it was THAT bad.
My work college told me that there were pads and dance games for both PC and PS2 which was something I didn't know, I thought it was only for Wii. So I mentally decided to buy one in the future.

As I was coming home, I was studying Japanese as I went, and each words I couldn't figure out the real meaning remembered me that I seriously need a Japanese dictionary. I mean, I even have a kanji dictionary, but that covers only part of the vocabulary. On the way I stopped at a mall to dinner. I then decided to go to a nearby FNAC store to check the latest computer games and hoped to see anything different from the million remakes and rip-offs of the same genders. When I walked into FNAC I wandered around watching randomly people and the recommended DVDs at the story entry. I then realized that the store had been totally organized. After wandering for almost 5 minutes I finally found out the game section. Looked around and didn't found anything catchy. I decided to look for dancing games and pads for PS2. Nothing. "This sucks" I thought. On the way back I decided to check the book section. I've been looking for "Les Misérables" from Victor Hugo and "War and Peace" from Leo Tolstoy for ages. I can't seem to find any of them anywhere. I already thought in ordering them on online shops but this has became like a quest for me. I'll find them some day.

After looking for the books, I decided to look for English literature books, also found nothing catchy, but when I was about to leave the English literature book section touched the "learn <random language> in 15 minutes" section, aimed at travellers. Out of curiosity looked for a Japanese one (although I don't need it) and (not surprisingly) I couldn't find a single one. Checked around and there was a big dictionary shelter a few meters away, decided to check it out for Japanese dictionaries as I often stumble at words or expressions I've no clue what they mean. Looked without any really expectation as it wasn't the first time I was looking for it at that store. To my (BIG) surprise on the top of the shelter an huge Japanese-Portuguese dictionary, first edition from one of the biggest editors in Portugal. I was almost as it was looking right at me and commanding me to buy it.

I had never seen a Portuguese-Japanese dictionary, conversation guide or whatever. I always had to use English to study Japanese and sometimes it can become confusing as the meaning sometimes seem to blur as you translate a single word with several meanings through two languages. What was great was the casualty that lead me to the dictionary. I feel like Moses and the ten commandments. 😊

It was bloody expensive, but it was the best €50 I spent this month (about $75 I think). I already tested with some words and it seems great. I feel more motivated than ever to study Japanese, so I'll ride this trend as much as I can. At least until some other urge takes over me again.


I would love to try one of those dance games. There is NO way I would be busting my moves in public, though. It would have to be in my own room with doors locked and curtains drawn.
Dance Dance Revolution on PS2 was something else until Wii came along!!

I want one! (My kids have their own game consoles but won't let me use them)
Ahhh rambling is good :) Well thats what a blog is for anyway...lol.

I'm also in the market for an electronic dictionary to assist with my reading. I've tried the various systems for looking up kanji in a book dictionary but its not as...efficient for me and I end up frustrated.

As for Dance dance...well I already know I'm uncoordinated so no need for everyone else to know! lol.

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