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Online Resources For Japanese Translation

Today I want to write about other useful resources when dealing with Japanese translations:

My name is Pheonix Wright.

Empire of Japan,
I'm a second year student at Teito Yusho University.

3 days ago from now.
(1)恐ろしい: terrible (i-adj).
Terrible event...
(2) に助詞
Researching the Challenging Part
Note that understanding every single element is often not necessary in order to understand a sentence I find.
In this instance, I can't really figure out the end of the sentence:
I think it's partly because I can't identify the verb which is pretty important.
I also find difficult to identify the meaning of 「巻き」 . Whenever that's the case, finding the meaning of the word in context sometimes helps:
The fifth volume of this set is missing.
More research is therefore necessary. Looking up the kanji in The Key to Kanji gives more vocabulary words:
第二巻: second volume
巻物: scroll
圧巻: the best of
巻紙: toilet paper
This doesn't really clarify the whole thing.
If I had to parse the whole thing, I'd try to approach it that way:
巻き: is likely a noun here.
こまれて: perhaps the ~て form of 困る... "to be troubled"?
Using Online Tools
Whenever I'm stumped by something I'll sometimes use Google Translation to get a hint as to what the meaning could be:

This is likely the meaning of the sentence but it doesn't really clarify the meaning of the actual sentence. Maybe "roll" has the connotation of being "caught" here?
Another website I regularly use is Jisho, preferably before Google Translation as it doesn't gives out the answer right away:

Jisho is more often than not really useful when parsing text. In this case, it provided the answer I was looking for regarding 「巻きこまれて」. It would've been easier if the second kanji would've been used in the construction but we then find out that:
巻きまれて=巻きまれて:inflected form of 「巻き込む 」, "to involve" more specifically the ~て form.
The Google Translation suddenly ends up making sense now.

Two useful resources which are, in my opinion, complementary to each other are Google Translator and Jisho. Note that I'm not saying that they're always reliable, but sometimes cross referencing both can help out understanding more difficult aspect of a passage.
Thanks for reading!


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